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Kaitlyn Pham, also known as selfdemise, is a Houston-based videographer/photographer currently studying Media Production with a focus in Digital Cinematography and minor in Business Marketing at the University of Houston. Her work often features elements of raw human interaction, which she uses to create beautiful and moving projects. Pham has also worked on set for a number of film productions such as Nike, Capitol Records, MTV, Lifetime, and much more. While she holds experience in fields ranging from commercial to narrative media production, her passion resides in documentary filmmaking.

Pham recently achieved a remarkable feat at the MSA Showdown 2023 by winning both first and second place for Best Short Film Drama on two different short films she worked on. These awards were a testament to Pham's creativity, hard work, and dedication to the craft.

The first short film, 'Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji’un', directed by Zuhayr Haq, won first ranking statewide. Pham collaborated as Director of Photography with a talented cast and crew to bring this project to life, and the final product was a powerful reflection of their collective efforts.

The second short film, titled 'Lost in Divine', directed by Abdurrahman Danquah won second ranking statewide. Pham worked closely with Danquah as Lead Editor and Colorist on his short film, bringing their unique skills and expertise to the project. Together, they crafted a beautiful and compelling film that captured the essence of their shared and creative vision.

Click here to view my updated resume!

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